About Carol Lee

The history of your life, your history, is told in your body.”
Renzo Molinari, osteopath

I came to the Alexander Technique after waking one summer morning to find I could barely move my arms. I’d played tennis the day before, so this was a shock – and soon developed into a nightmare. A former national newspaper and broadcast journalist, I was self-employed at the time, with hundreds of articles and a number of books and short stories to my name – and suddenly I couldn’t work.

X-rays could find nothing wrong and various treatments made me worse. Then I began to see an osteopath, Renzo Molinari, which is when my ‘recovery’ – and my education – began.

‘You’ve made a fortress of the upper part of your body,’ Renzo said, letting me know that my shoulders were hunched and taut, my neck was stiff and the tightness in my ribcage meant I hadn’t been breathing well for many a year.

My conversations with Renzo were as important as the work he did with his hands. For he asked me to consider the way I had treated, or ‘used’, my body as a workhorse, making huge demands on it.

The sudden ‘stoppage’ of my normal life meant I was prepared to listen and to take up Renzo’s suggestion of the Alexander Technique as a way forward.

Carol’s account of her work with Renzo Molinari

Crooked Angels describes how my workaholic nature had affected my body and the way I wrote. I was an early computer user but having produced five books and hundreds of articles on an electronic typewriter with no ill-effect, the first book I produced on screen stopped me dead.

I’ve since spoken to many groups, including the RSI Association, on how to work on screen without damaging your health.

RSI is a scary business, especially when you’re self-employed. Knowing that Carol had suffered from it helped me to trust her and I was astonished to begin working again within weeks.”
S.N. Freelance journalist

I’ve also worked with executives in large companies on their general use, in and out of the office.

I was dubious when my line manager said she’d arranged some Alexander work for the team. But, sitting at my desk one morning, I thought: ‘Ah, this is better.'”
B.R. Accountant